Debra Charles - Founder & CEO

Novacroft CEO & Founder Debra Charles is one of the UK’s top tech business leaders, co-founder and chair of The Kindness Movement, and founder of the #CharityForumIn this film, she asks us to ‘Lead with Kindness’ and shares the personal impact kindness has had in her own life.

A dyslexic entrepreneur, futurologist, public speaker and policy influencer, Debra is on a mission to harness technology to make a meaningful impact on society.

Debra promotes Leading with Kindness to facilitate the integration of people, processes and technology to achieve transformational change.

Through the #CharityForum, along with Novacroft’s 300-strong team of specialists in smart technology and customer care, she’s helping organisations to be fit today, to thrive tomorrow – cutting process waste and embracing technology to reduce cost, increase growth and unburden people to do more.

As a visionary, Debra sees both the global opportunities and perils that will evolve as we move toward and go beyond 2030. She believes in leaving a legacy that promotes the softer skills that will be increasingly important differentiators between humans, robots and artificial intelligence systems of the fast-approaching Fourth Industrial Revolution. As part of this work, Debra co-founded The Kindness Movement in 2018, which is dedicated to encouraging kindness in school children across the world.

Debra is a trustee of the Northamptonshire Community Foundation, a Cranfield University Entrepreneur Alumnus of the Year and a member of the University’s Advisory Board. She has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Cranfield University for her work in shaping UK business and has spoken at the House of Lords to launch the development of a Leading with Kindness leadership model.

If you and your organisation want to grow and remain relevant and thrive 2030 and beyond, please connect with Debra on LinkedIn or at or +447921 291935. Together we can improve humanity’s likelihood to thrive by ensuring your leadership style is relevant and your organisation is fit enough to grow – otherwise, it faces extinction.

Photography credit: Rita Abreu (find Rita on Instagram and LinkedIn)