We’re problem hunters and solution creators, for the here and now and also for the world to come. So, as well as continually enhancing our core products and services, we also continually invest in R&D. To develop game-changing innovations that will open up new and exciting opportunities to help our clients get more for less and make life easier for all.
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Today our software, smartcard, hardware and mobile innovations are giving people information at their fingertips and putting them in control, making it easier to get travel tickets, access buildings and services, track activities and seamlessly redeem rewards.



Tomorrow we’ll use our expertise in integrated systems, cloud-based computing, big data mining and more to play our part in bringing the internet of things to life, helping clients make everything from everyday organisation to collaborative learning and caring capitalism measurably easier.



In the future we’ll be alongside our clients with ingenious innovations for ridding life of activities that add no value, developing smart solutions for remote-control homes, human augmentation and next-generation communities and freeing people to enjoy easier lives with more time for fun.