We get to the heart of clients’ challenges, taking aim at their specific pressures and problems with solutions that not only hit the spot. Clients also tell us they go beyond target benefits and address additional operational, strategic and service quality issues too. That’s what we call getting more for less.

Here’s what clients have to say about how they’re benefiting from working with us.

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Reduced Costs

We saved £500,000 by using Novacroft’s web portal and back office systems for our senior citizens’ travel scheme

Improved Services

With online applications people can apply whenever they like from the comfort of their home

Greater Operational Visibility

Strategic planning is being helped by the operational visibility gained via data mining of journey information from smartcards

Better Customer Service

Technology that enables the organisation to provide customers with better information means you can remove the pain points and bottlenecks for them

Smarter Use of Resources

The more customers are able to do for themselves online the less they will need support from our contact centre agents

Smarter Processes

What Novacroft has done is deliver a creative platform, InNovator, which enables slick internal processes as it’s common to different stakeholders from our contact centre to customers

Less Fraud

There are better ways of managing things like fraud prevention from using control systems which you don’t always get when you use people

Greater Accuracy

Customer data is uploaded directly into the system so we don’t have to spend so much time on labour costs for data capture and it is more accurate

Improved Reliability

Bus service reliability has stepped up a gear with smart travel cards as no time is lost dealing with torn cards, querying authenticity or counting passenger numbers

Reduced Admin

The solution’s reporting suite, which we use for monthly reports to government and weekly for senior managers, saves us a great deal of time and effort

Advanced Solutions

Novacroft is at the leading edge of this technology and as we move forward with different products and services we will also be moving towards the leading edge

Policy Support

Providing an application process young people enjoy and a smartcard they value is giving us a new way to promote bus travel among the next generation

Morale Boost

Novacroft’s online system gives us more opportunities to connect with people quickly and efficiently online and with better developed and motivated staff in person

Bonus Efficiencies

By migrating applications online we’ve been able to achieve additional efficiencies by developing multi-year programmes which the online process for validation enables