What if your charity thrived?

Imagine for a second it’s 2030, the robots are coming, and the future of humanity hangs in the balance. The fourth industrial revolution, an explosion of connected tech, changes the way we live and work forever. As futurologists at Novacroft, we were looking at this, and the impact on society, health, wellbeing, jobs, and the future of work. We recognise that with great opportunity comes the risk of great peril. 

Thinking about the potential impact of those perils on society, we recognise that the charity sector is the backbone of that society, and it is imperative that it survives whatever the future may bring. Then Covid-19 arrived, and any risks or opportunities faced by the charity sector were suddenly amplified.

Our mission is to reduce the risk of household name charities closing, and we completed a study. We considered adaptability and the impact of income reduction, and looked at the traits of organisations and what their greatest strengths and opportunities are; the commonality of certain traits within organisations allows leaders to assess what needs to be done to thrive. 

Typically, we see that most charities will fall into one of these categories.

Charity health check - assessing your needs

What we’re seeing in the research that we’ve done, and our work with our #CharityForum movement is that organisations that have complex, or legacy processes as well as lots of waste will find it difficult to adapt to change, and those are the ones who are most likely to close. 

Those who are already embracing technology, and have a mindset for removing waste will be the ones who thrive. By deploying technology that works, having a team that’s really bought into this, being lean and adaptable… those are the ones who are more likely to succeed. 

So with this in mind. How can your charity adapt to thrive in a post Covid world?

If you look at your charity through the lens of impact and adaptability, it will help you identify the practical steps that will support your ability to grow and avoid the perils brought about by not only the fourth industrial revolution, but Covid-19.

So, which one are you?

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Novacroft hosted an online collaborative workshop in December 2020, where we announced the findings of a research study into the health of the sector, including what charities are doing more, or less of, to beat current challenges – read more and watch on-demand now.