About us

To ensure that organisations thrive in the future, they must get fit today. We are on a mission to help our clients in the third sector, transport and local government to get clarity of vision, understand the challenges, risks and opportunities, and rise to them.

In the transport sector and for local authorities, our innovative technologies and programmes are making travel easier and cheaper for passengers, whilst creating efficiency and reducing risk of fraud or loss of income for the organisation.

For charities, we reduce administration costs, enabling them to direct more pence in every £1 to the cause they’re fighting for. Our unique approach to a clean, lean, modern and secure membership journey enables charities to continue to build trust with the public, members and volunteersWe help charities transparently demonstrate their impact, whilst ensuring they are ready for an increasingly challenging future, by facilitating a common understanding of what success looks like, the barriers, how to unblock them and a high-level plan to achieve the success criteria.

Our impact has saved the transport sector £25m, enabled 250,000 members of a leading UK charity to apply online for membership, delivered £55,000,000 in energy grant funding, and has enabled 70,000 volunteers to support 14 million visitors for London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Today, 32,000,000 people use our technology services.

Novacroft places wellbeing (and a good portion of fun) and as central to team and business excellence.

Founded in 1998 by Debra Charles, CEO, the Novacroft team is proud of 20+ years of making a difference.

What have we achieved in twenty+ years?

Some examples of the impact we have made: