We love to celebrate the people that make Novacroft what it is – those making a real impact and difference to the clients and communities that we support, and seizing the opportunities to #GrowWithNovacroft and grow their own careers along the way.

Numan Ahmed, Training Facilitator

Numan Ahmed, Training Facilitator

‘You have to remember that everyone is human. Being yourself is critical.Read more

Senevasen Shumalan Naidoo, Training Facilitator, website index image

Senevasen Shumalan Naidoo, Training Facilitator

‘This role has taught me a lot of fundamentals on how processes work.Read more

Henry Boylan website index image

Henry Boylan, Training Facilitator

‘I love knowing that my learners are out there making a difference to people, and that it’s due to my training.Read more

Victoria Duke, Training Facilitator

Victoria Duke, Training Facilitator

‘I learnt a lot about myself, and how to overcome challenges … it built endurance and resilience.Read more

Kishan Maru profile image for 'My career' website index page

Kishan Maru, Training Facilitator

‘The biggest thing I’ve learnt from this project is about mental health … I’ve learnt about being a mentor and a counsellor, as well as a Training Facilitator.Read more

Jo Toes, Senior Contact Centre Team Manager

‘I love the people I work with, I feel comfortable here, I feel like I’m valued and like I belong…’ Read more


Justin Bull, Contact Centre Advisor

‘I really feel like I support this business, because, myself, I’ve been given opportunity and supported…’ Read more

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Kelly Cooper, Contact Centre Advisor

‘After I had my children, I had no idea how I could ever fit work around childcare. I couldn’t believe it when I heard about the hours here…’ Read more

Tina Munns

Tina Munns, Internal Auditor

‘Novacroft has given me the opportunity and confidence to change careers as well as a friendly place to work where everyone knows what’s going on and pulls together to get things done…’ Read more