What was it like joining Novacroft?

I joined Novacroft in December 2020. It was an exciting time – my first job in the UK! I moved here in October, from Nigeria. A friend recommended Novacroft. I applied and I was offered the job. It was wonderful from the start – I met wonderful people during the induction, and the process was awesome. For me, working is not just about the job, it’s about being part of a family and a team and Novacroft affords me this. It’s great to work for a company shaping the future, and I’m excited to be part of the Novacroft family.

How have you grown here?

I started answering calls for one of Novacroft’s key projects. Then I saw the advert for Training Facilitator, and I summoned the courage to apply on the very last day of applications – I thought it was a role that would push and stretch me. When I’m posed with something that is a challenge, I don’t shy away. I go for it, as it brings out the best in me. I love the challenge of going above and beyond.

It was awesome, being part of this team and being on this project. I look forward to many more opportunities like this.


Tell us about your role as Training Facilitator…

I learnt a lot about myself, and how to overcome challenges … it built endurance and resilience.


Being a Training Facilitator has been a complete learning curve, and a life curve for me. It has helped me understand so many things – aside from learning about processes of getting the job done, I’ve learnt skills about dealing with people, and being humane. I’m a perfectionist, so I worked hard, and it was worth it.

The biggest challenge of the role, for me, was the amount of information to learn and train on – there was so much – this was an extremely large project with challenging timescales. I had 7 days to deliver the training to my training group. My Team Manager, Meri, was awesome. She was always checking in with me, and my questions were always answered. We were a large group of Training Facilitators, all new to the role and all learning. We all worked together, looking for the best way to learn and to deliver quality. Focus was essential, and we had that. My trainees passed their assessments with a 100% pass rate.

What do you love about the role?

We were training people (26 in my class of trainees, training them in 7 days) to work on an extremely large project that will influence the course of history in the UK, and I’ve loved being part of that. But the best part of this project for me was the adrenalin rush! I like the push of having a timeline to meet. Meeting people was a highlight too – the trainees were lovely.

What are the values that drive you?

Life will always have challenges – I believe that it’s how you respond to those challenges that matters, how you strive to meet your goals. It was beautiful to be part of a team that worked together to make this project a success.

Share a fact about yourself!

I love to travel and try new things. I look forward to having a tour around the world! I’m passionate about raising the next generation. This drives my love for children and young people and I advocate for a world that is safe for children. I am a lawyer by profession and working on being called to the English Bar.

What’s next for you?

Well, It was part of a plan to work at Novacroft – as well as law. I’m into academics, I want to look at tech, research AI, and influence how lawyers can help society regulate the 4th Industrial Revolution. Novacroft was a fit for me – a company that provides tech solutions, helping me experience things first hand in order to fully understand them. That practical experience is invaluable.