What was it like joining Novacroft?

I joined Novacroft in January 2019 as a Contact Centre Advisor. It was a warm and welcoming team from the start.

How have you grown here?

I was looking for a way of progressing through the company, and then the Training Facilitator role came along, so I applied, and I got the role. I don’t generally speak in public, because I get nervous. But I surprised myself. Presenting to 30 – 40 people began to feel natural – it was as if I knew them by the end! I’ve had 1:1 training experience before, but that’s very different. I tried to get the trainees involved in the training I was delivering, and they were teaching me a lot too. Now, I feel confident to do something like this again.

Tell us about your role as Training Facilitator…

I was working with a group of 23 other Training Facilitators on a project to train support staff for a nationwide, government project.

Numan has a great friendly personality with a relaxed approach.

– Jo Toes, Senior Contact Centre Team Manager and Training Facilitator Project Manager, Novacroft

I had a week of learning the materials myself, then a group of 29 trainees to train over 5 days, condensed from 8 days, so there were some time challenges.

I needed to give my trainees an idea of how to handle the enquiries they’d receive from the general public when they’d completed their training.

There was a big focus on softer skills like empathy, and calming techniques, as well as specific knowledge.


I had to take real control of what I was teaching to enable it all to be fitted in. All of my learners passed the end of training assessments – there were 3 assessments in total. The learners gave me a lot of compliments – they said I was doing well to teach them so much, so quickly.

Being supportive to the learners was so important. Most were worried, and most were new to the role. I always made time to stay back to talk to them and take questions.

My own Team Manager, and the Project Managers, were so supportive. It was really fun getting to know the team. We were a close knit group. My Team Manager would call at the end of every day, and helped me through any challenges I had.

My biggest challenge was around public speaking. I had to build my confidence alongside learning the material. I’ve learnt so much about time management too – I had to manage not only my time but the materials I was teaching, and each day I had to fit the material into the session in a way that the learners could absorb. With support, I learnt some great techniques.

What do you love about the role?

When I first started teaching the material, it was my first time teaching on this scale. I felt very nervous and like my personality didn’t show through. My background is more in retail, working face to face. Moving to teaching virtually was a jump – it’s harder to see emotions, and things can come across differently.

But a few days in, I looked at the material again, tried to take a bit more control, made a conscious effort to let my personality be part of my delivery. The way I switched it around, adapted quickly, I surprised myself. It felt much more natural, and I enjoyed it.

What are the values that drive you?

Experience is important, it really helped me. I brought to this role the recent experience I’ve had in a contact centre, and in other in person customer service before that. I’ve learnt a lot over the last two years, before becoming a Training Facilitator, about how to handle and manage people’s expectations, how to read tone of voice.

You have to remember that everyone is human. Being yourself is critical.


Once I was able to get to grips with the materials and knowledge I was delivering, my confidence grew and I could bring my personality to the table. It made things easier and it helped me connect with people.

Share a fact about yourself!

I love art projects, fixing, and building. I love spending time with my family too. Not long ago, I made a wand for my little sister for her Harry Potter dress up day. I loved seeing how happy she was with it!

What’s next for you?

I’m always looking out for other opportunities, I’m keen to take on more roles like this.

I enjoy teaching people, and sharing experiences. I’ve learnt a lot as a Training Facilitator.