Debra Charles - Founder & CEO

I first became curious about the Third sector back in 2008, as the UK entered a period of economic uncertainty. The challenges the country faced meant that many people were struggling with low self-esteem and didn’t feel like they belonged. Wellbeing suffered, alongside productivity and all its knock-on effects.

The spark of an idea

In the face of these challenges, I looked at charities and Third sector organisations and I saw a sector that really is our backbone, that champions the causes that matter most, that helps people, and that is the continuity we need to thrive in the future. I really felt that we needed to take action to support charities, thoughtful action, and to bring people together to do that. To me, that’s leading with kindness in a digital age.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the road to 2030

Today, technology is changing the way we live and work. The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it huge opportunities. Technology can enable the charity sector not only to be fit for the future and support the people and the causes they’re fighting for, but to make a meaningful impact on people’s self-esteem, wellbeing and productivity by providing a sense of purpose and belonging.

#CharityForum: A force for good

My mission is to help the charity and third sector to thrive tomorrow. In order to do that, the sector needs to be fit for today, which means taking action now.

The #CharityForum is about bringing together amazing people that are passionate about what they do and about supporting others, to shape society. We call ourselves ‘the gang’. Together we’re creating the energy, the catalyst, the action that is helping everybody navigate the next decade. It’s easy to feel, in life, that you should follow the path everybody sets. For humanity to thrive, it’s never been more important to stand head and shoulders above the crowd and be brave enough to think differently.

An amplified voice

By getting the charity and wider third sector together, by collaborating, by thinking differently, as this diverse group of people, all with our different skill sets, we are creating truly meaningful action, with one voice. It’s time to make a difference.

Download the thought paper: Fit for today, thrive tomorrow Find out more about the #CharityForum