Normal. It’s a funny old word. Defined by synonyms like ‘conforming, usual, typical, expected’.

Dyslexia. What’s normal about it? Quite a lot, actually. 10% of the UK population is dyslexic.

I think of it a bit like cucumbers. Those long, straight salad items. Aren’t they? Well, no, that’s only in the supermarkets. The home grown ones are knobbly little critters. I love them. They’re delicious and they’re all different. And difference is what makes dyslexia a great gift. 

And so came about our discussion at our most recent dyslexia roundtable. Our action group had been campaigning to ‘Say No To Normal’, but why should we connect any negativity whatsoever with dyslexia? And why should we even entertain the traditional idea of normal? Instead we should live the positivity we all exude and say YES. 

Yes. A term embracing willing, commitment and determination. Exactly what we’ve got in bucketloads. And we shouldn’t shy away from saying dyslexia either. It’s a gift. One that we’re striving to give the recognition it deserves. One with a huge value and attributes aplenty. We need to capitalise on that, for the sake of self-esteem, wellbeing and the economy. A worthy investment. Our country has a well publicised shortage in sciences, tech, engineering and maths (STEM) skills, which means that we need 100,000 new STEM graduates every year (we’re currently producing 90,000) just to keep the status quo, let alone grow…and growth is exactly what we need. 

So forget normal.  Embrace the gift that says no to normal and favours doing things differently. Give it the standing ovation it deserves. Join us and say yes to dyslexia.

We’re creating a filmed showcase of dyslexic talent which will launch during Dyslexia Awareness Week, which runs from 3rd – 9th October 2016. We aim to create an army of like-minded people who will challenge the norm and celebrate the positive differences in dyslexia.

What does the gift of dyslexia mean to you? Get involved. Join our army and #SayYesToDyslexia today at

Please submit films before 18th September 2016.