As a supporter of Transport for London’s 100 Years of Women in Transport (YOWIT) Campaign, Debra Charles is part of an industry speed mentoring event on Tuesday 29th September, and has been speaking about it all to Real Business and Infrastructure Intelligence – please take a look!

The 100 YOWIT campaign celebrates women working in transport, past and present, and looks to the future.

The industry speed mentoring event at The Library at The Institution of Civil Engineers, London, will feature mentors from across the transport industry, of which Debra is one, and offer attendees four 15 minute sessions with mentors.

The shortage of women in STEM careers, with women making up just 12.8% of the UK STEM workforce, is a key driver behind TfL’s YOWIT campaign, and Debra is keen to promote the transport industry to young people, raising awareness of the variety and excitement a career in transport can offer.