Smartcard-based social action programme aims to address key community issues

Northampton-based Novacroft is joining forces with thousands of other innovative businesses this week to show how it aims to bring about positive change in society through its skills, vision and partnerships.

Organised by Business in the Community, Responsible Business Week is a platform for businesses to explore bold new ideas and practical action to meet the world’s most pressing challenges and build a fairer society and a more sustainable, prosperous future.

As part of the week’s live events and online activity, founder and Chief Executive Debra Charles has taken part in a question and answer session on Ucando-it, Novacroft’s new smartcard-based social action reward and recognition programme.

In the interview, Debra describes the catalyst behind Ucando-it:

It was really a desire to change the way in which businesses and other organisations engage, support and inspire the communities they serve.

She goes on to explain how Ucando-it capitalises on Novacroft’s smartcard expertise saying:

Technology is about simplification, it’s about making life easier. The smartcard enables multiple reward types such as redeemable points, money and tickets and can be managed by us as individuals, loading what’s relevant to us in the comfort of our homes.

The programme aims to empower individuals to step up to serve their communities, have their say in community issues and get active. Outcomes will include measurable impact on health, carbon savings, volunteering hours, public transport use and the mapping of social activity. Debra, who will run regional pilots with the support of local authorities ahead of Ucando-it’s UK launch, concludes:

By rewarding people for improving their lives and those around them, participating organisations will retain existing customers, attract new ones, improve brand perception and facilitate greater community leverage.