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The Kindness Movement – introducing kindness into schools

Debra Charles, our Founder & CEO, alongside friends Jason Holt CBE, Stuart Acker Holt and Ben Berger, have founded The Kindness Movement.

The mission

The mission of The Kindness Movement is to raise awareness of kindness values and reduce prejudice around the world, thereby making a meaningful impact upon society. The first initiative from the movement is a book dedicated to recording small acts of kindness. 

The Kindness Book, aiming to inspire primary age children across the UK and the rest of Europe, was launched in late 2018. The Kindness Book invites children to draw and write about moments of kindness with each other, to illustrate how small acts of kindness are carried through their school and our society. 

The best place to have a meaningful impact is within our education system and to place discussions around kindness, integration and respect within the curriculum.

– Debra Charles, Novacroft

The founders believe that current political developments around Europe, and the societal impact emerging as we move toward the 4th industrial revolution, requires action to remind ourselves that kindness, respect, and trust between individuals, no matter their background, is the fundamental principle of a strong and healthy society. 

We’re moving, at speed, toward the 4th industrial revolution. It’s kindness through thoughtful action that will help us seize opportunity and avoid the perils faced by humankind and that’s why I’m super proud, alongside my longtime friend Jason Holt CBE and his brother Stuart, to be the founders of The Kindness Movement. 

– Debra Charles, Novacroft 

With 15 schools participating in the launch pilot and plans to introduce the concept to schools in Switzerland and the Netherlands soon, there are plans to turn the finished books into an exhibition, and make a statement about kindness values within the school curriculum.

Featured press coverage

The Kindness Book has featured in the Times Educational Supplement, and has also appeared in the December 2018 edition of NE Love magazine

Background to The Kindness Movement

The Kindness Movement honours the life of Robert Acker Holt, a Jewish refugee who fled Vienna as a young boy in 1939. Robert Acker Holt passed away in 2018. He never forgot the small acts of kindness shown to him as he fled the Nazi’s, leaving behind a carefree childhood, and dedicated his life to creating kindness and respect. The Kindness Book is a celebration of Robert’s life.

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