Tracey Cunnington - Marketing Assistant

2020 was the year when work and home became one.  For many this was a tough transition.  People and businesses have adapted and pivoted, embracing the challenge and the unforeseen benefits.  As we come out of the pandemic it is important to take a centric approach to planning for the future of work. Sarah Cooper, HR consultant and people expert.

We will see the world of work differently after more than a year of home working and its Zoom fatigue, increased risk of loneliness and challenges to collaboration. Many have missed the daily interaction with colleagues that bring colour and conversation to our day to day work life. That said, lots of us have found improved balance over the last 12 months, and 81%  of team Novacroft agree that they have a great work/life balance.

Remote work is a net Positive – but not for everyone. Workers’ sense of belonging can suffer while working remotely. The experience of remote work varies across job roles, genders, seniority and other factors***.

As a ‘People-First’ organisation, Novacroft are working hard to make sure that the needs of our team continue to be exceeded in a post pandemic world. We make sure that our valued team members can see their role with us as a pathway to a great career where they can make a difference. 

As futurologists, our thinking goes way beyond the next 6 months. Taking a ‘helicopter view’, we know it’s both new technology and purpose-driven individuals that are vital for a recovering economy. As humans, we are fragile, and it is imperative to us that our brilliant people are prepared for the next decade, even beyond their careers with us. We regularly hold workshops and open sessions designed to help our team navigate their careers and be prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has accelerated following the pandemic. Novacroft Founder & CEO Debra Charles has held forums on the Future of Work, and even how to create the right CV, for example. The Novacroft Alumni networking group is where our team can meet to discuss problems and ideas from the world of work, and our virtual Creative Club and seminars on topics such as International Women’s Day and Black History are available for those who want to stretch their thinking or learn new skills outside of their day to day roles. 

I just want to thank Novacroft for giving me this opportunity in these very difficult times.  If I hadn’t had this opportunity I would have found lockdown much harder. Novacroft team member, May 2021.

The Office for National Statistics said the number of those not in education, employment or training (known as “Neets”) rose by 39,000 to 797,000 in the final three months of 2020**. We want to help those in society by tackling inequality where we can and improve digital access for disadvantaged groups, and will soon be announcing apprenticeship schemes which could offer a real life line for those who are struggling, or simply the right opportunity for somebody who doesn’t know what to do next.

We actively pursue diverse representation in our teams and, knowing the importance of equal representation in the tech sector, we are proud of the 64% female workforce at Novacroft, with female representation in our IT team 10% above national average*. But it’s ensuring that team members feel included that sets us apart. 92% of our team feel they belong, and 94% are happy at Novacroft.

We are always looking for amazing individuals who want to make a difference. We find that once people become team members at Novacroft, their career goes from strength to strength. 13% of our current team members have been promoted during their time with Novacroft, 2% of those have had 4 or more roles during their time here. This hasn’t happened by accident, we are innovators with an eye on future skills requirements, and we truly place our People First.

I am glad I have the opportunity to work from home for such a caring company. Novacroft team member, May 2021.

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