My career at Novacroft

Novacroft has given me the opportunity and confidence to change careers as well as a friendly place to work where everyone knows what’s going on and pulls together to get things done


What was it like joining Novacroft?
I had worked for a family business for a very long time – 25 years – before I started at Novacroft and yet I immediately felt at home here. I was only meant to stay for eight weeks as a temporary stock controller but when I was asked to carry out some security checks my methodical approach was spotted and I was offered a permanent role which lead me to become an internal auditor.

How has your career progressed?
In the beginning the job was a bit outside my comfort zone but after a few months I started to achieve things and get good reports and realised it suited me down to the ground. Going on a series of training courses to understand the international standards we were working towards, and how to conduct their internal audits, helped me really get into it and feel confident.

What keeps you at Novacroft?
You feel you are in a team environment here, whether you’re temporary or permanent, and that everyone is striving towards the same goal. This is particularly evident during our peak times, when people from different departments all muck in – including the CEO. We do our bit in our department to help keep things positive: we don’t want people to say, ‘Oh no, here comes the audit team’, so we will point out things that are going well as well as those that need to be improved and try to inject a fun element too. A weekly email update and regular meetings keep us all informed about what’s going on – business-wise and socially. I’ve also got involved in the charity committee which has been a good way of meeting people from other departments and having fun through fundraising events.

What’s next for you at Novacroft?
This is only my second job since school so you could say I’m a stayer! Also, at Novacroft I know there’s always going to be change, which keeps things fresh and interesting. In my department there will always be new challenges too as we work towards and achieve new accreditations and ensure continued compliance with existing certification schemes. This is the career change I was hoping for and it’s working out really well!