My career at Novacroft

I’ve been proactive with my career here, asking to move into a new area and in one instance creating a job that didn’t exist before – you need support from those around you to make it happen and I had that


What was it like joining Novacroft? 
I arrived with a big interest in IT and an unfinished Geography degree, joining the Contact Centre after hearing that some technical jobs were likely to come up. I really liked the company and started helping out on the IT side of things. Then I was offered promotion to Systems Administrator on the very day I was going to give in my notice to fulfil an ambition to travel the world. In the end Debra, the founder and CEO, said I should travel and she’d keep the job open for me for nine months. When someone makes a commitment like that you feel incredibly valued.

How has your career progressed?
When I came back from travelling I learned more about programming and created a contact management system for Novacroft in my own time to prove what I could do. That’s how I managed to carve out a role as an Analyst Programmer. After realising what I enjoyed most was coming up with solutions for clients’ challenges I took on the newly-created role of Business Analyst and then Lead Business Analyst. I was apprehensive because I didn’t have management experience but of all the decisions I’ve made it’s probably the best – I’m still slightly out of my comfort zone but I love every minute.

What keeps you at Novacroft?
Novacroft is a wonderful, wonderful organisation and the fact that I am still here when I’ve had plenty of opportunity to go elsewhere is testament to that. I am happy where I am, with the people I work alongside, with what the company has done for me and where the business is going. There’s always been a family, friendly ethos here and that’s stayed the same as we’ve grown from 15 to 200 people. But the thing that really drives me is that I have always felt I have a voice here.

What’s next for you at Novacroft?
There’s definitely more for me at Novacroft. I’m starting to get involved in the delivery of new programmes like Ucan-do-it and while I know I need to consolidate what I’m doing as a team leader I would like to think I have a chance of being part of the senior management team at some point. And once my baby son starts sleeping through the night I intend to reclaim my crown as Novacroft’s badminton champion!