Loadmore designs and produces white label smartcard remote loading/reading devices for travel, loyalty, reward and access products

Our device heralds a new era for smartcards. It’s simplifying life for people across the globe, enabling them to load multiple products onto smartcards in their own home. And opening up opportunities for organisations of all kinds to rise to their challenges through our Ucan-do-it smartcard-based reward and recognition programmes.

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Loadmore is 8 times faster than competitors


Loadmore is a key enabling element of Ucan-do-it and has the potential to make all kinds of multi-application and multi-modal smartcard programmes possible

Debra Charles, Novacroft founder and CEO


Developing a world leading device


Tosin Ogunrinde, central in Loadmore’s development, describes the approach he took to the design of the device and the software enabling its easy home use

We set out to rise to two big challenges: to create a device that’s versatile enough to load lots of different kinds of products and also desirable and accessible. To give it the simplicity essential for multi-purpose capability, we designed the device to support existing generic protocols and, unusually, without introducing any that are new or unique to us. Uniting this universal approach to encoding with our own circuit and antenna innovations resulted in a contactless smartcard reader and writer that is now market ready. We’ve also developed software that users can install easily on their computers which enables the remote loading of products via the internet through the device, creating a simple plug-and-play solution for Windows and Mac.

Enabling the next generation of smartcards

Why have we invested in creating the world’s first universal smartcard loading/reading device?

The switch from cash to cards that we’ve seen over the last decade, along with milestone decisions like Transport for London’s to stop accepting cash on the capital’s buses, has helped to embed smartcards into our everyday lives and pave the way for something even more far reaching: the multi-use smartcard. Already becoming a reality around the world, the ‘super’ smartcard can be many things: a travel card, a loyalty card, an access card, a discount card, a reward card, a leisure card. As well as an identity card, a healthcare card or a driver’s licence. And when that one smartcard can be loaded with all kinds of products by users at home, it will really start to make life easier for everyone. And that’s what we’re interested in.