What was it like joining Novacroft? 

I joined Novacroft in December 2020, as an adviser in the Contact Centre. I really enjoy working here. The fact that I can talk to the CEO on email or directly in a team meeting is unheard of. It’s important knowing that your voice is heard.

How have you grown here?

I’ve always been told I have a way with talking to people, so when the Training Facilitator role came up, I thought I’d try something new.

I have a background in retail and customer service, so I thought that if I can deal with the public, I should be able to teach people. I applied and I got the role.

Tell us about your role as Training Facilitator…

Having never delivered training before, all I could go on was the belief that my skills could fulfil the brief. At first, I had imposter syndrome. I thought that everyone else was more knowledgeable. But we were a group of 24 and we were all in the same situation. We all bonded, we all helped each other.

We had less than two weeks to learn the skills we needed to teach our groups. It was for a government project that was going live across the whole country the following month. Because the training materials were still being finalised when we were being trained, sometimes we’d have to retrain. It was a challenge.

My group of learners was 30+ people, but there were tech issues for some. I drew on my previous knowledge of one to one training and adapted the style, making sure people felt valued and part of the discussion.

I had a second group of trainees, and I felt more confident with them because of the training I’d done before. I made a conscious effort to get people even more involved.

The support network on the Novacroft side was very good. Jo and Jordan, our Project Managers, ensured that everything was organised and accurate. Our Team Managers worked so hard and were able to liaise with our client. Together we delivered. If it wasn’t for the Team Managers who worked so hard, we wouldn’t be where we are.

Henry is relaxed, professional, takes everything in his stride, and doesn’t let anything faze him.

– Jo Toes, Senior Contact Centre Team Manager and Training Facilitator Project Manager, Novacroft

What do you love about the role?

What I enjoyed most was connecting with the learners, and working with them to get the right information across. Everyone passed the assessments. It was sad to let them go at the end of the course. I picked out all the best bits and shared them with the group at the end of the last day! I gave 100% to being a Training Facilitator and I thought it was amazing.

I love knowing that my learners are out there making a difference to people, and that it’s due to my training.


What are the values that drive you?

I think communicating with people, and finding the right way to do it, is really important. Honesty is another important value I have. I strive to try and combine those two values together, that way in any interaction I have the other person can understand that I’m being genuine and that I’ve got their best interest at heart.

Share a fact about yourself!

I’ve built my own PC! I’m also currently learning how to code in my spare time!

What’s next for you?

I’ve been out of university for 3 years. I still didn’t have a concrete idea of which career path to take, but after doing this role, I had the epiphany.