Our mission: Helping the charity sector be fit, to thrive.

Working with amazing minds from the Charity sector, we are seizing the opportunities of our new normal

Now is the time for organisations to get Fit to Thrive. In 2019, McKinsey reported that there were 192m people globally without jobs and by 2030 that is set to increase 800m people as the Fourth Industrial Revolution approaches.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has ‘fast forwarded’ the challenges we face globally. To avoid extinction and remain relevant, organisations will need to pivot their operations at pace.

So when we were looking at the opportunities and perils that have been amplified in 2020, we saw a key sector at risk: the charity sector. That’s why we set up a #CharityForum movement.

#CharityForum is a group of amazing minds, finding ways to overcome today’s challenges, shining a light on future opportunities. We are future facing, navigating towards growth.

Don’t take our word for it, see what others have said, including Battersea, Shelter and PDSA.

Next, we want to help the sector tackle what needs to be done. Join the conversation using #CharityForum.

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#CharityForum raises awareness around the human side to tech/digital evolution. [Now, there is] more advocacy of the impact of tech on our workforce and the need to transform.

– Stephanie Borne, Head of Digital Fundraising, Shelter

Who are the gang?

#CharityForum gang members

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[#CharityForum] has really helped stretch my thinking and consider longer term strategic direction. [#CharityForum has meant] greater awareness and consideration of some of the broader issues affecting the charity sector and society as a whole.

– Kate Van Der Plank, Head of Volunteering, PDSA

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Lockdown didn’t pause our mission for a second. Watch: #CharityForum virtual collaborathons.